Orthopedics & Joint Replacement

Shri Ram Singh Multi Specialty Orthopedic Services takes care of all kinds of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The 24-hour Emergency department receives and takes care of all major and minor trauma and other orthopedic emergencies. Orthopedics department is managed by senior consultants each of them having many years of experience in various fields of Orthopedic Surgery treating all kinds of musculoskeletal problems ranging from arthritis to sports injuries, complex fractures, bone tumors and childhood conditions like CTEV. The department specializes in latest techniques and treatments such as minimally invasive surgery, cartilage and bone transplantation, spine surgery and limb-sparing surgery.

We offer specialized services for:-

  • ► General Orthopedics
  • ► Joint Replacement
  • ► Arthroscopic Surgery
  • ► Complex Trauma and Fracture Treatment
  • ► Pediatric Orthopedics
  • ► Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • ► Sports Injury