According to WHO, health is not about only physical wellbeing but it also includes mental and social wellbeing. The Department of Psychiatry, Shri Ram Singh Multi Specialty Hospital takes care of the different aspects of mental health and provides quality treatment to the patients. Our clientele comprises from children to elderly population. We provide extensive assessment and treatment ranging from pharmacological to psychological interventions for various disorders.

Facilities and Services offered at the Department of Psychiatry are:
  ► Child Guidance Clinic

  ► Adult Psychiatry

  ► Geriatric Psychiatry

  ► Psychological assessments & therapy

  ► Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

  ► Cognitive Remediation

  ► School Mental Health Programme

  ► Stress management Programme

Child guidance Clinic: We provide assessments, counselling and psychotherapy for developmental, emotional and behavioural issues of children and adolescent. Children with following symptoms can be helped by our Child guidance program.

Physical Symptoms with no medical cause:-

►Aches and pains in various parts of body like headache, abdomen pain

► Giddiness, palpitations, tremors

► Fainting spells, breathlessness

► Dryness of throat and mouth. 

► Tiring easily.